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Sr. No.Project CodeReg. DateProject Title  
1 OPE/2017/11/1308322911/13/2017Design and Implementation of Web Services Client Based on ARM Linux Embedded Platform
2 OPE/2017/11/1123195411/11/2017Image Processing of Aluminum Alloy Weld Pool for Robotic VPPAW Based on Visual Sensing
3 OPE/2017/11/0909261411/9/2017Big-Data in Climate Change Models — A Novel Approach with Hadoop MapReduce
4 OPE/2017/11/0903250811/9/2017The solution for performance improvement of electic distribution network line loss based on Hadoop big data technology
5 OPE/2017/11/0811003511/8/2017Design of a prototype programming language in spanish and its compiler through tools Jflex and Java cup
6 OPE/2017/11/0810584311/8/2017Automatically Adding Missing Libraries to Java Projects to Foster Better Results from Static Analysis Sign In or Purchase
7 OPE/2017/11/0810564311/8/2017A Static Code Smell Detector for SQL Queries Embedded in Java Code
8 OPE/2017/11/0810461211/8/2017FPGA-based direct repetitive control for high performance ground power units
9 OPE/2017/11/0810435611/8/2017FPGA implementation of open-loop controller for five-level three phase modular multilevel converter
10 OPE/2017/11/0810394211/8/2017Simulation of modular multilevel converter and DC grids on FPGA with sub-microsecond time-step Sign In or Purchase